Interior Design.


Our dedicated interior designer Jag Grewal works closely with Millbank Interiors clients and contractors. Together we provide an expertly managed turnkey solution with a strong focus on bespoke services. We view every project as a unique and exciting opportunity to translate the client's needs and desires into a specifically commissioned, bespoke interior, be that commercial or residential, combining the latest technology and sensitively integrating luxury into the surroundings.

The culture of the building and its environment is expertly woven with the culture of our team and those that will occupy the building to ensure every project is as individual and outstanding as we are.

Every project brings with it clients who are unique in their desires and requirements. We pride ourselves on combining all elements to create a residence which is cohesive, simple and stunning.

Having worked with heritage and modern properties in London's finest areas, as well as other cities worldwide, we are well-versed in designing residence which are functional, flawless, intuitive to the client's needs and above all a place that provides excitement every time you enter.

Photos: Millbank Interiors and Jag Grewal